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Which day of the week should I start and end up my charter?

Most charters normally begin every Saturday 17:00 and end up next Saturday 09:00. Return back to the base should be arranged previous evening by 18:00. Two or more weeks of charter is possible.

What is a bareboat charter?

To a bareboat charter, you just simply rent your boat and you shoulds kipper and navigate it yourself.

What sailing qualifications should I have for bareboat sailing yacht charter in Greece?

For a bareboat charter you will require a skipper qualified to an “International Certificate for Operator of Pleasure Craft” with Sail endorsement (ICC) or equivalent national qualification/certificate. For your own security, previous sailing experience is always an advantage.

When do I need to hire a professional skipper?

If you do not own a sailing license, having no prior or minimum experience, it is possible to hire your privet skipper.

What does a skipper do?

Skipper’s main job is to navigate, moor and take after the yacht during the whole charter period giving priority to the crew safety. When you hire a skipper, remember that you have to save a berth for him and provide his food- regardless if you are eating onboard or dinning out.

Which personal documents I will be asked to submit?

Passports or Identity Cards are required for all crew members including EU nationals and for non-EU national passports and probably visa. If you are skippering a yacht yourself you will need a valid off-shore sailing license/certificate translated in English. The document should be issued by any Sailing Association or any other Marine Authority.

What is the “Security Deposit” and the “Insurance Coverage”?

Each sailing yacht is comprehensively insured, including third Party cover – meaning that our insurance company will pay for repairs that cost more than the deductible “excess” figure.
Each crew leaves a Refundable Security Deposit amount which is held against the yacht’s insurance excess and if there is no damage or loss to the yacht or its equipment, this amount is returned to the charterer. The Refundable Security Deposit is payable at the base before embarkation by credit card or by cash.

What are the check in procedures?

Just after your arrival to our Volos base, you will be asked to sing the complete Charter Party and the Crew List (as legally required by the Greek Port Authority) and other important documents concerning your Security Deposit in our office. You are also asked to submit other official personal documents such as passports/identity cards (for all crew members) and sailing certificates/license (mainly of skipper).
After this, in close distance (150m) you will find your sailing boat at SE breakwater at the main port of Volos. There, you will be welcomed by a member of Genua Yachting team and you will receive a copy of the Yacht’s Inventory List. You will be asked to check that all the items/equipment listed are available and in proper working condition. If any part is not included or is not in a good order, you should note it to the Inventory List. In such way, you will not be charged for any loss or damage that you are not liable for. During check-in you will be also informed about anything you need to know about the yacht and its equipment and you will have plenty of time to ask anything you do not understand or wish to know.

What are the check-out procedures?

In accordance with the check-in procedure, during check-out the yacht is checked for any damage or loss. In fact, in every single check-out a professional diver invests the underwater part of the boat and a Genua Yachting base manager assistant inspects the inner and out part of the boat.

Are there any additional services available?

Additional services you may want to have for a more comfortable charter are:
• Skipper services (available only upon request)
• Hostess services (available only upon request)
Please enquire for prices and more details

Is there any additional equipment available?

Except of the standard yacht equipment, Genua Yachting can provide you with additional optional equipment which you will use during your whole charter just for your fun, or for your personal luxury consisting of:
• Stand Up Paddle (SUP),
• Canoe and Kayak
• Snorkeling Equipment (Fins & Mask)
• Wi-Fi portable router on board
• Beach Towels
• Extra Bed linens and towels
Please enquire for price list and further information.

Is it possible to order my provisions?

Genua Yachting provides you a provisioning/order list which you can complete it and send it back to our base by e-mail ([email protected]). This way you can pre-order your provisions and we will take them to your boat prior to your departure. Please send us your requirement at least two weeks before your charter embarkation. You can down load it here.
Alternatively, you can choose to do your own food shopping in Volos. In the close vicinity of our base there are super markets and a mini 24h/7d shop.

Are yachts equipped with safety equipment and all necessary charts & pilot books?

According to the Greek law, all of our sailing boats are equipped with safety equipment which is annually inspected such as fire extinguishers, life rafts, safety belts, life jackets, flares, EPIRB etc. Furthermore, and only after relevant client request, there are available to all of our yachts Safety Nets (Railing Nets) for those who have children and want to prevent any accidents during their trip.
In addition, all of our yachts are having regional charts as well as “Greek Waters Pilot” book (in English) and “Griechische Küsten” (in German).
Last but not least, in every chart table you will find a printed “Genua Yachting Info book” having all the useful info of the area, suggested destinations / routs and other sailing advices you may what to know during your trip.

How do I reach Genua Yachting Volos base?

• From April to late October there are direct flights from various European airports to Volos -Nea Anchialos National Airport (VOL). For scheduled flights and further information please visit
The distance from/to the airport to Volos port is about 30km.
• During all seasons you can fly directly from/to Athens International Airport-Eleftherios Venizelos (ΑΤΗ). For scheduled flights and further information please visit
The distance from/to the airport to Volos port is about 330km.
• Alternately, all year around there are direct flights from/to Thessaloniki International Airport-Makedonia (SKG). For scheduled flights and further information please visit
The distance from/to the airport to Volos port is about 220km.

Extra Info:
Genua Yachting can manage your privet transfers direct between airports and Volos port by minibus/bus. Please contact us here for price list and requests

When arriving to Volos port, where should I park my car?

In close vicinity to where our boats are located, you will find the secured private open space parking area of Volos Port. The price to park your car for a week depends on the size, but normally it will be around €90/week. There is no option to reserve a parking lot; usually there are plenty of free spaces.
There are also free parking options a short distance away from the port, although these are not secure.

How should I fill up the yacht’s fuel tank?

At check-in you will receive the yacht with a full tank. At the end of your charter and before arriving back to Genua Yachting quay, you will be asked to berth at a point close to the main port of Volos to refill the yacht’s fuel tank. A member of Genua Yachting team will indicate you the exact place where the fuel van will wait for your refill. Then, you will be charged with the amount of fuel that you have used during your charter. Keep in mind that this procedure is about to take 30 minutes, so you should organize your time. After this you will be asked to berth to Genua Yachting quay to start with the check-out procedure.

Should I pay for extra mooring fees/ water-electricity supply?

You will not be asked to pay extra for the dock fees, water and electricity supply for the first and the last day of your charter in Volos port. On the contrary, it is likely when mooring to the Sporades Islands to be asked to pay daily the port fees as well as water and electricity supply. The mooring fee is a daily-base fee which applies to almost every port in Greece with varied but not expensive cost.

What If I have a problem during my charter?

If you may face any problem during your charter you should first report it directly to Genua Yachting Team, in order to be solved. We have developed a network of associates and technicians all around the Sporades Islands. We and our network are on your disposal 24 hours per day.

Is there a map of the area?


Are there any suggested rout plans for one-week charter or more?

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