We offer a complete
package of high-standard
care services!

Owning a private boat and want it being maintained by professionals in winter time while you are absent?

Are you sailing your private boat in the closing area and facing any emergency technical difficulties?

Let our Genua team look after your boat and to carry out for you any technical issues you may have.

We understand that owning a yacht is a big investment and keeping it in a good condition means a lot of effort. Make it easier for you, we offer a complete package of high-standard care services to ensure:
a) that your boat will be totally prepared prior your arrival
b) that you will waste no precious time while you are on vacation.


Genua Yachting Marine Services
include, but are not limited to

Documentation Assistance

  • Arranging Permanent Mooring Berth
  • Document Processing with the Port Police, Tax Authorities
  • Accounting Services & Advices
  • Maritime Consulting
  • Provisioning Assistance
  • Guest/Crew Land Transportation and Travel Arrangements
  • Insurance Assistance
  • Itinerary Planning
  • Arranging Bunkering Service (gas/diesel)

Technical Support

  • Sourcing of Spare Parts at Competitive Prices
  • Emergency Engineering & Technical Support Service
  • Carry out any Repairs, Replacements or Renewals
  • Safety Equipment Maintenance (life raft & fire extinguishers)
  • Service of Outboard Engine/Dinghy
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Emergency Lifting to Shipyard (if needed)
  • Fresh Water and Electricity Supply
  • Diving Inspections
  • Yacht Sea Delivery (to/from EU and not EU countries)

Full Yacht Maintenance

  • Winterization in a Local Shipyard (dry dock)
  • Pressure Washing of hull, Scratching, Apply of primer/antifouling/gel coat
  • Cleaning Service (interior/exterior)
  • Laundry Service
  • Carpentry Services
  • Stainless Steel Repairs and Maintenance
  • Teak Deck Installation/Repair/Care
  • Annually Engine and Gearbox Servicing
  • Painting and Polishing
  • Sails and Canvas Cleaning, Repair and Storage
  • Guarding
  • GPR & Hull Repairs
  • Storage of Privet Stuff
  • Outboard/Dinghy Servicing and Storage

Please get a quote for price list and further information.